It is always important in trading:

  • Decrease product balances and do not order surplus
  • Sales control
  • Optimizing business expenses
  • Accelerate inventory, revalue, and sell the product

SmartFop for mobile:

Selling from a phone (tablet) using an internal camera as a barcode scanner.


  • cash flow by cashier
  • expenses (lease, salary, purchase)
  • sales and profits
  • balances of goods by sales outlets

Development of own label, which the price and bar code of the goods will be put on

Printing invoice on the printer checks, placing your own details on the check

Quick inventory

Avoiding mistakes, as the arrival, revaluation and sale of the goods are carried out automatically

Data exchange between many trading outlets through 1C

How to start using?

  1. Download SmartFop
  2. To get know the program view video tutorials
  3. Enter data and start working or contact a service center

In the service center you can:

  • Get free advice on working with the SmartFop program
  • Import balances, product prices, and incoming invoices in an Excel sample file
  • Print price tags for the product
  • Rent commercial equipment


First month of using the program and mport of initial balances is FREE

The cost of using the program for a year – 900 UAH, 6 months – 500 UAH

Import of incoming document
15 UAH per document

Printing of price tags
5 kop./piece


099 10 20 755
TC "Formarket", shop 122, address: Chernivtsi, Nebesnoi Sotni st., 19 “В”

Video tutorials

SmartFop registration

Depositing funds

Enter a product

Procurement of goods through the scanner

Procurement of goods through selection

Sale of goods through a scanner

Sale of goods through selection

Privacy policy

The application SmartFOP is designed for registration of sales of goods in retail outlets, cash management with the ability to accept and pay cash for goods and generate reports.

The application has a simple, intuitive interface that allows you to easily master the program. To create a cashier workstation, it’s enough to install the SmartFOP application on a smartphone or tablet running Android.

SmartFOP supports the following operations:

  • clearance, purchases, sales and returns,
  • cash operations (payment to the customer, supplier, deposit, seizure)
  • the mode of the cashier with the ability to scan barcodes built-in camera mobile device or external scanner,
  • printing checks on the mobile check printer using Bluetooth wireless connection and supporting the ESC / POS protocol.
  • reports: balances, debts, sales, costs

SmartFOP supports backup of the information base and two-way data exchange with typical configurations of 1C: Retail 1.0 and 1С: UNF 1.6 :. When used together from the accounting system in SmartFOP, data on goods, retail prices are transmitted, and in response, sales information is received. The work of the mobile application in conjunction with the commodity accounting systems allows traders to receive timely accurate information about sales and current balances at points of sale for making operational decisions and preparing the necessary reporting.

  1. SmartFOP does not collect or transmit any personal user information (personal data and financial transaction data) without the user’s authorization. The application is able to work without an Internet connection (off-line), except when registering the system.
  2. As directed by the user, the application SmartFOP can access the camera of the mobile device so that the user can attach photos.
  3. The application gets access to the file storage of the mobile device (USB Storage) for storing backups and for the ability to attach to the goods photos

When sending a message to the support service, the application supplements the message with technological information (OS version, exchange parameters, etc.) that does not personalize the user and does not indicate his personal preferences and habits. This technical information is added to the message as plain text and can be deleted by the user before sending the message. To send messages, you use an email client configured by the user on the mobile device.